September 25th, 2016

We are toying with the idea of holding a second registration date, please check back or the facebook page for more information on that in the coming days.

Until then, registration forms are available by contacting club members, or by visiting the DARC office. We ask that if you are choosing the DARC office that you check with a club member or Coach Lucie to see what program you child should be placed in.

Please note we have a newly revamped CanSkate program we're excited to share with you this year! More information on that is available on the homepage of the website or on the Facebook page! Please take a minute to "share" the information along either on facebook or by word of mouth so we can fill the ice with skaters this year and have some fun learning the skills and love of skating that will be sure to last a lifetime! :)

September.22nd, 2016
We are always looking for new volunteers to join our club or donate a little time. This club runs solely on volunteer power, be it members, guardians, parents, family, friends or skaters. To help pay for the ice, and the costs associated with running the club, we hold a number of fundraisers through out the year. The more volunteers we have in the running and organization of each fundraiser, the more successful said fundraiser becomes! And all the better and more beneficial it is for the Club and Skaters! We know everyone has schedules and lives to work around, and the time to volunteer isn't always available. But if a few different volunteers could just sign up and help with one or two events / fundraisers, it would make a world of difference in it's success! We are also are canvassing for donations and sponsors, if you have any thoughts or suggestions to help in this area we'd love to have your input!
Please contact a club member if you'd like to volunteer anytime, or ideas. Or fill out the volunteer section on the registration form. Thank You :)
*We are also looking for helpers with CanSkate. If any skaters that are Star 2 and up, are willing and able to stay on Wednesdays after their skate session to help out, please remember to check that section off on the registration form or let a club member know. Anyone else who has any skating /on ice experience, willing to volunteer their time for 45mins on Wednesdays, or that can even help with name tags and getting the kids on the ice, please contact a club member or Coach Lucie for further information :)
September.8th, 2016
Hi everyone! Thank you for your patience with us as we try to adjust to a new skating year with lots of changes! As I'm sure many of you have heard, Candina has decided to take some time away from the ice to have more time to concentrate on her studies and family. While we will miss her greatly, and wish her all the best, we are beyond thrilled to announce Lucie Webber will be stepping up as lead coach so skating can and will go on! Lucie has been with our skating club 3 years now and has been a huge asset and addition to our skate family. We're preparing registration information as I type, but we also are planning a club meeting in the near future. Our aim is to start skating the second week of October! But our club could definitely use some new members, fresh faces, and ideas to help us make this year a huge success! If any of you are interested in attending a meeting, we'd love to have you! There's no obligations in attending! We would love to have some new brain storming participants, along with new members. Or if your just curious to see what goes on behind the scenes, your also welcome :) So if you can help with any of the above, or would like to attend, I will post the meeting date and time as soon as its chosen! We thank you again for your patience and thank you in advance for any of you who would like to take part or sit in on our up coming meeting :)
November .4th, 2015

Dear Parents,
We are currently looking forward to our annual carnival, which will take place near the end of the skating season. We are working on plans for the carnival and require each skater’s measurements. I have attached a size chart as reference, please measure your child(ren) and circle the appropriate size. Please have sizing information back the week of Nov 9th-11th. We will have more information going out regarding the carnival as soon as possible, including any additional accessories that may be needed, such as a certain colour gloves or tights. We are looking into costumes; at this time we will be able to supply some costumes. However, there will be a rental fee as well as a security deposit, which will be returned when the costume is returned. Some costumes may be the parent’s responsibility to purchase. Fees have yet to be decided at this time and more information will be available in the next few weeks. 

Sizing Chart.docx Sizing Chart.docx
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October.7th, 2015

Today was our first session for all skating programs, we are all happy to be back in the rink and on the ice! Thank you to everyone who made our first day a success, we are all looking forward to a wonderful skating season! For all CanSkate parents we have a Parent Information Letter. Some copies were given out this evening however we unfortunately were unable to reach all parents, I will be posting the letter below and more copies will be available next week.

Parent-Information-Letter-2015.pdf Parent-Information-Letter-2015.pdf
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August.10th, 2015

I would like to thank everyone who was able to help with making our appearance in the 2015 Scallop Days parade a great success! A special thanks to JW woodworking and carpentry for volunteering the use of their truck and time at the last minute, as well as Digby Print and Promo for helping us with a new banner on such short notice. This was a fun day for everyone involved, let's make next year bigger & better.

Thank you once again for your sponsorship.

June 16/15

We have just finished our first fundraiser for the 2015/2016 season, this included bagging groceries at the Digby Superstore on June 13th 2015 and a Raffle on some awesome father's day prizes. In total we raised $587.51! I would like to thank everyone for their help in making this a success, also everyone who made donations & purchased tickets!

We would like to congratulate our winners of the Father's day prize packages!
1st(Lobster Pkg) - Steven Gaudett
2nd(BBQ Pkg) - Bruce Dakin
3rd(Gift Basket) - Ronnie Maillet
Hope you enjoy your prizes :)

April 23/15

We would like to thank our 2014/2015 executive team for all of their hard work, we truly appreciate everything you have done to help our club succeed. I regretfully have to announce that our past president and treasurer have stepped down, you will be missed.

On a happier note, I would like to welcome our new executive team!

President: Dot Gaudett
Vice President: Danea White
Secretary: Jenn Doyle
Treasurer: Jenn Doyle
Advertising: Danea White 
Fundraising: Amanda Perry
Test Chair: Laure O'Neil
Registrar: Kristen Dawn
CanSkate Co-ordinator: Dot Gaudett and Jenn Doyle 
Coach Rep: Candina Doucette

April 13/15

2014/2015 was a great year for the DASC, we would like to congratulated,

Our CanSkater of the year:
Miya Brown

Our Girl & Boy CanSkater Champions of the year:
Jemma Wagner & Eli Helm
Elsa Hafting, Katherine Gillatt and Ava O'neil for passing Dutch Waltz Dance
Hannah Moore for passing Canasta dance
Paige Ettinger competed in Fall skate

Elsa Hafting, Katie Oliver, Paige Ettinger and Ava Oneil competed in skate Dartmouth

Katherine Gilliatt competed at provincials 

Madelynn Gaudett & Miya Brown competed in Karen Norman Memorial Competition

Elsa Hafting & Katie Oliver - silver in Star 1
Ava O'Neil & Katherine Gilliatt - Bronze in star 1
Paige Ettinger - silver in star 2

Everyone did an amazing job, we are so proud of all our skaters.